Friday, January 22, 2010

WrocLove baby WrocLove!

22 Days in Wroclaw.
I was asked something like 20 times how this city, and Poland in general seems to me.
I still cannot answer about Poland, 'cause being even a month in a city doesn't give you the right to speak about a cuntry, as well as meeting 50 polish people doesn't give you the right to speak about the whole nation.
Anyway, i will try to tell you what i know and how do i perceive Wrocław.
Wrocław is an old city (acording to Wikipedia since IX-th century), area-292.82km2, population-632,240(in this sence not big difference to my home city-Chisinau).
A former polish city that afterwards become a german one. The influence can be seen in a lot of buildings rebuild after second World War(as local people say: all that is old was build by germans and all that's new by polish).
Something that i was told at the beggining and later had the opportunity to convice myself about was that Wrocław is the city of more than 100 bridges, also is known as polish Venezia(but wihout well known Venezian smell:) .
Also W. is the fastest growing and developing city in Poland, for exemple right now it is building the highest living house in Poland.
Is perfect city for those inloved with the history and architecture of 18th-20th centuries. Also here you can find located near old and monumental buldings-huge malls, banks and other modern buldings-it's something amazing in that.
Is for sure the city of students and parties, by the way, almost every young person speaks fluently english, so, tourists that don't know polish you're welcomed here!

The best time to visit it is summer for sure, but that fact that i am here on winter time didn't made me disapointed of this city, it only made me more eager to see it at summer.

My conclusion-if this city would be near sea side- for sure i would move here for some years,'couse it would be the city of my dreams, but even if don't it worths seeing and staying here at least for some time.

PS:I will met Valentine's day here...i'm curious what is coming... stay tuned...

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