Saturday, September 3, 2011

About trainers

Trainers have the greatest chance for making changes. They have always been the change agent, because they do it so subtly. Fire fighters or subordinates trying to change lack the credibility of leadership. This is not to say great trainers are not found in the rank and file. But even a fire fighter knows that the great change comes from leadership positions. Managers who are trainers or know change comes from training will impact any organization more than a totalitarian who thinks power is the answer. Simply put, managers make the opportunity for change with good policy, the trainer makes change happen.

Good Trainers are people who are respected. They rise above the rest and are looked up to. The real reason for a trainer's success lies in the fact they genuinely care about the student. My line has always been, "I never met a student I didn’t like, I just like some more than others. Remember careers are molded by experience, education, influences such as people, literature and events. Trainers embody all these influential issues.

 By Mike Callan

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